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This library project will give you some conveniance in dealing with DateTimes during your day-to-day occuring work. It contains methods and extensions for converting, storing and calculating. It also includes sophisticated visual components for getting dates, times and spans of them in a secure way.

Technical hints

This project is produced using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with .NET Framework 3.5. All logical units will be tested with unit tests before they are released in a stable version. All components are developed with multi-language and -culture-support in mind.


It is planned to create a library of logic and visual components. The first step will include the base-logic in the namespace de.codingfreaks.libs.cfDateTime. After reaching this milestone we will try to create some sophisticated controls for dealing with dates and times. Some ideas are exisiting but there are no exact plans of implementation:
  • A WindowsForms-control for selecting dates and/or times in a way, the DatePicker of the iPhone introduced.
  • A WindowsForms-control for selecting spans of dates and/or times using sliders.
  • A WindowsForms-control for selecting spans of dates and/or times using two classic DateTimePickers.
  • A WindowsForms-control based on an analog clock for selecting times.
  • A combined Vista-like control for selecting dates and times.
  • some more ideas are in our heads :-)
The other side of this project is to let people look behind the scenes of control- and lib-programming in .NET. We will try to hold a relatively high level of implentation-quality. The main points are documentation and unit testing. Let's see!

The Team

codingfreaks by now consists of two people. If you are interested in participating on this project, let us know!

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